Cultivate Thankfulness

Thankfulness- its an easy weapon to use against the enemy, but it takes practice and discipline. Make a choice today to choose to be thankful. Once you do, it will transform your perspective to see all the good gifts God has given you. Your eyes will be opened to see the presence of God that’s already with you as a believer in Jesus Christ.

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Developing Discernment

If we want to be intentional in God’s presence, living and walking in a life of freedom and purpose, then we must develop discernment. What does this mean, exactly?

It means we need to be able to recognize God’s voice from the enemies’ voice. We need to be able to discern what truth is and what a lie is.

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Do we truly know God's heart?

As believers, we know who God is. We know God is love, good, and kind. We hear it at church every Sunday. We are reminded during the difficult seasons by our friends. If we grew up in the church, we heard is a lot as a kid. But has this knowledge of God’s goodness transferred from our head to our heart?

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Melissa SecchiaroliComment